How To Request Your First Appointment:

Please complete our service request form by clicking the link below. The use of the secure service request form helps us to ensure chart accuracy and greatly expedites the new patient process. We ask that you submit no more than one service request form in a 30 day period. Thank you for your understanding.

Click Here to Submit a Service Request Form

What To Expect After Submitting Your Service Request Form:

For non-wait-listed services, our Intake Coordinator should contact you with-in 2 business days. After this period, you may also follow-up with the Intake Coordinator directly at (301)970-4001, Option 1. For wait-listed services, we will reach out approximately 30 days prior to an available apportionment time. It is important when submitting a request for wait-listed services that you include how long you wish to remain on the list. We, unfortunately, are unable to provide status updates and/or projections for wait-listed services.

Preparing For Your First Appointment:

After you have been contacted by the Intake Coordinator and given an appointment time, you will receive a link to access your patient portal. Within the portal, you may access and complete all intake documents which must be submitted before your first appointment. If you are unable to gain access to the portal, please call our Patient Experience Team for assistance: 301-970-4001, select option 4 for patient portal support.

If you have any questions regarding your scheduled intake appointment, please reach out to our Intake Coordinator at (301) 970-4001, select option 1 for new patients.

Thank you for choosing Healthy Foundations Group as your provider. We look forward to serving you!