Clinical Services

We spend time getting to know the client so we can gain the greatest possible insight into your issue. By taking time to focus on individuals, we can see how they respond to situations, approach different tasks and handle success and/or frustration—in effect, helping us to gain a thorough understanding of the issue so that we can design and implement a comprehensive, customized treatment plan.

Treatment modalities include individual, group, and family therapy. Medication, when prescribed, is done so conservatively and using a collaborative care model. Our practice specializes in conducting comprehensive evaluations and developing therapeutic strategies for clients who face academic, social and emotional difficulties. We use our expertise to help our clients overcome obstacles to realizing their full potential, and thereby achieve academic, professional and personal success.


Our team of skilled professionals are trained in a variety of therapies and incorporated to create an individualized approach.


Members of our team are trained in a number of non-pharmacological treatments and therapeutic alternatives, using medication as a tool only when absolutely necessary.

The Heartwood Program

Healthy Foundations Group partners with the Heartwood Program to provide an intermediate level of care for adolescents who may benefit from more intensive services or are at risk of crisis, but who are not in need of inpatient hospitalization.  This level of care provides short-term, intensive programming integrated with participation in regular school and community activities.