New Patients

How To Request Your First Appointment:

Please complete our service request form by clicking the link above. The use of the secure service request form helps us to greatly expedites the new patient process. We ask that you submit no more than one service request form. Thank you for your understanding.

What To Expect After Submitting Your Service Request Form

After submitting your request for services, you are immediately placed on our waitlist and you will be contacted once your indicated service/provider becomes available. Though our wait times vary by time of year and services/provider requested, they typically range from 2-8 weeks. We will contact you within two business days if your expected wait time is longer than 90 days.

Once you submit the Service Request Form, you are immediately placed on our waiting list. When an opening becomes available, we will contact you by email with a link to schedule a Intake Conference via Microsoft Teams with a member of our Patient Experience Team. Please add the following information to your contacts list to ensure our outreach is not marked as spam – (301) 970-4001, AutoReply@HFG.TEAM. Sadly we are unable to provide a time estimate, but want to assure we will do our best to get treatment started as soon as possible.

Preparing For Your First Appointment:

Once you have been matched with an available provider based on the information provided on the service request form, you will be contact by email with the following:

  1. Provided the name of the provider you have been matched with and a link to their details on our website. You will also be provided an estimated first available appointment (in # of weeks). Should you feel the matched provider is not a good fit, you will have the opportunity to be place back onto the waitlist.
  2. You will be asked to complete the intake paperwork via our online registration page, and;
  3. Schedule an intake conference with a Patient Experience Coordinator via their online schedule.
  4. You will receive an email invitation from your intake coordinator, via Microsoft Teams, confirming your intake conference date and time.
  5. The intake coordinator will review your paperwork for completion and answer any questions you have prior to scheduling your first appointment(s).