Welcome to Healthy Foundations Group

Healthy Foundations Group is founded on the tenet that the ideal treatment plan is best developed and implemented using a team approach that involves therapy, addresses challenging lifestyle issues, and addresses any medical or pharmacologic needs. We pride ourselves on providing superior care and have taken great strides to ensure such care is accessible. We have assembled a team of highly trained professionals who are available in the evenings, so as to minimally disrupt work and school related activities.


David Driver, M.D.


Vera Armstead

Advanced Year Therapist

Tahani A. Alqassem, M.D.

Child & Adolescent PSYCHIATRIST

Heidi M. Carlson, Ph.D.

Education and Life-Skills Counselor

Adia Cobb, M.D.

Adult, Adolescent, & Child PSYCHIATRIST

Jennifer Costello, D.O.


Vivienne Gomes, M.D.

Adult, Adolescent, & Child PSYCHIATRIST

Austin Hill

Advanced Year Therapist


Kurt Koches

Executive Director

Nola Stewart

Patient Experience Supervisor

Shanzida Alam

Patient Experience Coordinator I

Emma Braciak

Patient Experience Coordinator I

Catherine McCotter

Executive Assistant to Dr. David I. Driver

Marina Allen

Billing & Insurance Utilization Specialist

Ebony Williams

Billing Associate

Yobana Ballestros

Accounting Specialist