Risa Weinstein, LMSW, Psychotherapist

Risa believes that all people deserve a safe and non-judgmental listener to help them process the ups and downs of their lives. Through a partnership with her clients, Risa helps them uncover the tools within themselves to reach their mental health goals. Risa draws from a wide variety of interventions, opting to match the style of therapy with the needs of her clients. In her training as a therapist for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence, Risa became interested in the theory of post-traumatic growth, or the idea that one way to move forward after a traumatic incident is to seek ways to allow one’s experience to have a positive transformational affect on one’s life.

Risa received her MSW from The Catholic University of America. Prior to getting a social work degree, Risa worked as a congregational rabbi and synagogue educator. Risa also served as a rabbi and interfaith hospital chaplain at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and at various assisted living communities in Montgomery County, MD.