Patient Experience Supervisor

Cara Falco received her Bachelors of Science in Marketing from the Robert H Smith School at the University of Maryland, College Park. She pursued her passion for marketing and business immediately after graduation, gaining invaluable experiences that now support her keen eye for helping an organization grow. Although she’s enjoyed working directly in the marketing field in areas such as outdoor advertising, digital marketing strategy, and for a healthcare publication, most recently, she’s made the decision to take her business know-how with her into a new adventure in the clinical mental health arena.

Cara grew up in Montgomery County and feels motivated to become an active member of the community by going back to school to earn her Masters in Social Work to then practice as an LCSW. To achieve her goal, Cara has committed to immersing herself in an environment that is conducive to learning how she can be of service and truly make a difference- which is why she knew that joining the administrative team at Healthy Foundations Group would be an amazing fit. As the Patient Experience Supervisor, Cara plans to integrate her love and knowledge of marketing strategy into strengthening the bridge between patients and providers, and towards identifying new ways to nourish the family-oriented culture of this practice.