Heartwood Program provides an open process group for high school aged students who would benefit from weekly group therapy. This level of care, delivered weekday afternoons at 4 PM, provides a supportive and open environment for teens that fosters interpersonal growth.

Following an initial screening evaluation, individuals are invited to join and participate within the group. The goals of our group include identifying strengths and areas for personal growth, improving social skills, increasing confidence in and use of healthy communication, learning skills to manage challenging emotions, and improving relationships with others.

Our team has developed a curriculum that integrates evidence-based modalities to provide clients with the tools to navigate the challenges of everyday life. Group members will receive support from our therapists as well as one another in discussing and reflecting upon their experiences.

This program is appropriate for those struggling with:
• Self-Esteem Issues
• Communication and Relationships
• Emotion Management
• School Avoidance
• Depression
• Anxiety

For additional information or to enroll, contact our intake coordinator at 1-888-715-1120 or at IntakeCoordinator@HealthyFoundationsGroup.com.